Brakes are what stop our cars. Many cars involved in accidents are cause by brake failures, for this reason, you need to be sure that the car brakes of your vehicle is on its best working condition. Driving habits, vehicle type and operating conditions are some factors that can affect brake wear. To be safe, car owners should be aware of the signs that indicates brake problems.

Car pulling

Car pulling is a common car problem but most often it is a sign of brake dilemma. If your car pulls while braking, it only means that you need new brakes. Your brake pads are likely uneven or worn out and need to be replaced.


Do you feel a vibration when you step on the brake? If yes, then you need new brakes. The vibrating feeling is an indication that the brake pads are worn out or warped due to heat.

Unusual Sounds

Clicking, high pitched or screeching sound when brakes are applied is another sign that your car has brake problems. These sounds are the most obvious indicator that your vehicle’s brakes need attention. Worn out brake pads can cause damage to other parts that will result to costly repairs. So listen to your car and take your car to the nearest mechanic shop if you hear any unusual sounds.

Squishy Brake Pads            

If your brake pedal feels “spongy” or hard to press down, it normally means that air has gotten into the brake lines. You might also have an issue with low brake fluid. Check your master cylinder and brake lines.

Deep Rotor Grooves

A visual sign that implies that your current brake pads need to be replaced are deep grooves. Brake pads that are seriously worn out usually leave deep, circular grooves in the rotor. These grooves are also called as “scores”. A look similar to the marks on a record. If these grooves are visible around the rotors, your brake pads will need a new one.

Paying attention to some of the signs of brake issues can keep you from costly repairs, saving you some money. If you recognize any of these signs, it is advice that you get into an auto repair shop right away!

Remember:  Only a qualified and experienced car mechanic can ensure that proper procedures are done and followed. Additionally, only a skilled mechanic can ensure that the appropriate parts are installed for your vehicle.